Friday, October 7, 2011

Olivia Update! :)

I realized after my last post - that I did a full update on the status of our renovation, but didn't update a thing our our little Sweetie Bug - Olivia. :)

I have been reticent to "brag too much" about her. Afraid of what other people/moms would think... But I finally decided "Why not? Most other moms do it. It's just a way of expressing how much I love her" So, here goes:

She is a constant source of joy (like her middle name) & laughter to us. It's so amazing to watch her grow & develop. It's exciting & sad all at the same time. :) I couldn't be prouder of her. I am fascinated watching her little mind work & figure things out.

She has been doing the army crawl for about a month now. I figured she wouldn't ever actually crawl. She proved me wrong. Two days ago - the whole "crawling" thing FINALLY clicked with her & now she is everywhere! It's so cute/neat to see her go. I've been used to her getting around, but the army crawl wouldn't have her winning any races. :) Now she gets from one room to the next so quickly.

She also likes to pull herself up on EVERYTHING & stand. So with the developments in this week, I wouldn't be surprised if she is walking or almost by Thanksgiving - Christmas for sure!

I look at & watch her every day, & my heart swells with love for her. She is so precious, sweet, (and in my opinion as her Mommy) the cutest/most beautiful little girl there is! (there, I said it). :)

Her 3rd tooth (top) came through while we were in Disney. Now her 4th (also top) is coming through. Her smile is simply adorable now (although I must admit to missing her toothless/gummy smile too).

She also - officially - has a 3rd word in her vocabulary (aside from the constant baby jabbering that she says all day). Her first word was Da-da (Daddy). Her second word was Bah-ba (Bottle). & now her third word is Ma-ma (Mamma)!!! So excited! I've been waiting almost 9mo to hear my baby ask for me by's thrilling. (yes, I will now hear it for the rest of my life, but that makes me so happy). :)

Children truly are such a blessing! We couldn't be happier with her.

Well, I gotta get back to folding laundry. Olivia has been "helping me" and the basket is now well as her onesie bin, sweater bin, & skirt bin - ALL the contents of aforementioned baskets are strewn across the living room floor. :)


zion said...

She's definitely in the top 3 most beautiful/sweetest little girl ever.... and the top one who's less than one year old!!!! ;)

zion said...

oh, whoops, that was Shan.... didn't know Zion was logged on. :P