Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Jehovah Jireh our Provider - Ever Faithful


Over 3months ago - Justin did a job (took almost 2months to complete) for someone that was refusing to pay. At the time that Justin took the job - it was supposed to be profitable enough to almost get us out of debt (which was HUGE). However, the customer refused to pay anything. So not only did we not get out of debt, but we accrued even more credit debt on the expenses on the job, & lost 2mo of income (therefore creating more cc debt for our living expenses). We basically gave up on getting any payment.

A few weeks ago at church, I was reminded that, "ye have not because ye ask not..." So, I specifically began to pray that God would soften this guys heart to pay "something" for the work that he had done & that he would even pay more than just the expenses...

Then - yesterday the customer actually (finally) "paid" us. It was less than HALF of what he had agreed to pay, but still a HUGE blessing! It was enough to reimburse the expenses & pay a little bit extra towards our balance - bonus (& just what I asked for!).

It came at such a perfect time - we were REALLY needing it to be able to make payments/living expenses. God is so good & He isn't afraid to test us - to make us trust Him more...His timing is perfect. :)


StephanieRuth said...

Isn't He good! I too sometimes wonder where I am going to get the money for this or that, but as promised He always shows up and supplies. Thanks for sharing and God bless you both!

Charity said...

Thanks for sharing!!! I know i am a bit late, but just now saw you have a blog. :)