Friday, July 27, 2007

First Post - Possibly the Last... :)

Okay, so I finally caved, and have created a blog for myself. At least I have retained some dignity - it isn't a Xanga or MySpace. :) (I only created one so that I could read UT Law Rocket - it's invite only now.) :)

Anyway - I have no idea how often I'll actually get on here (pro'lly never), but I might even surprise myself. :) I just don't have time to keep something like this updated. 'Sides, I don't like the idea of the whole world reading this - it makes me feel too vulnerable. :)

Well, I think this is enough for today...I doubt anyone will actually be reading this anyway (I just felt important to actually have something posted on my blog.) - Okay so yeah - I'm pathetic and have no life whatsoever. :)