Sunday, August 23, 2009


Hello to all my "avid readers & fans"! :) I just wanted to drop a few lines here to tell everyone hi – in between all my travels. It feels like I haven’t traveled or really gone anywhere for so long…then suddenly – I have a flurry of activity.

Last Tuesday (Aug. 11) I just got home from a week’s vacation to Quebec, Canada (road trip – woohoo!) It was a GREAT trip! I just love Quebec – it’s SO French! It was SO good to be back in Quebec…it had been 5 yrs since I lived up there – WAY too long. It was wonderful to see everyone again. I felt like I’d “come home”. PLUS I was able to pretend to be French for a week – I loved it… I spoke about as much French as I did English…I was afraid I would’ve gotten rusty having been away for so long, but as soon as I got there, everything just came right back to me! I know that the teaching & private tutoring that I’ve done for the past 2yrs really helped. It was a great feeling to be talking to someone & just randomly switch back & forth between French & English…

I went with 2 of my girlfriends for an “Older Youth Camp” (ages 22-40). We all left right after work on Wednesday eve & just drove through the night – it is a 13/14hr drive (stopping for about 3hrs in a parking lot to sleep). *Yawn* We spent Thurs. sightseeing in Montreal then ended our journey in Granby at “chez Petit” (the family I’d lived w/ 5yrs ago). Friday was a very relaxing day full of fellowship & shopping. We went to the camp that evening and was at Lake Magog until Monday afternoon. It was so nice to be among “peers” and not feel like the oldest one around – a wonderful change! There were 52 of us and the average age was 30. It was Great!

The campgrounds were very rustic w/ lots of trails and walking. The cabin I stayed in was the “luxury cabin” – it had 3 light bulbs & 2outlets…all the other cabins didn’t even have electricity. We were unaware of our “pick” at the time – we only chose it initially, because all the other cabins were very musty and made breathing very difficult (& breathing is important to life – usually). There were showers there…down the trail a bit – and plenty of outhouses. It was so beautiful & peaceful there – right beside a lake nestled in the mountains…*sigh* It was a wonderful & refreshing time of fellowship & drawing closer to God.

So, Monday night – we (all 52campers) headed back to the Petit’s for additional fellowship… Then us girls headed out for home Tues. morning & got back into Lima around 11/11:30 that night… We were SO tired – as no one got much sleep all week, but it was so worth it…A great trip, with many wonderful memories, spent w/ precious friends.

Then - in two weeks (Sept. 4th) - after work, I fly out to Phoenix, AZ for 2 weeks. I’ll get back home on the 19th around midnight. Then turn around & fly back out on the 21st for a 10day trip to Europe!! 4 of us from church are going to Holland for a friend's wedding. We will be there for 4 days – then we’ll go on to Switzerland for 6days… It is going to be SO much fun! I’ll be sure & blog about that when I get back…

Basically – I’ll be gone the whole month of September (love the sound of that)

Well - that's all for now...ttyl. :)