Thursday, October 22, 2009

S’been a while since I posted. I think the last I posted was shortly after my trip to Quebec, Canada – kinda between my many trips this summer/fall – (Quebec, Arizona, Holland, and Switzerland)… WoW – SOoo much has been happening since then. It’s amazing how quickly things change in life – when you least expect them…I will try to fill you in…

So, after I got home from my Canada trip – I was home for a short 3.5 weeks then I was gone for the entire month of September… *sigh* (Loved the sound of that - went quickly though)

From September 4th-19th I was in Phoenix, AZ (I was staying w/ one of my girl-friend's and her husband. I also got to see alot of my friends out there). It was so nice & HOT there 95-110 the entire time – I LOVED it! I got in alot of walking and as much sun soaking as I could (I can’t forget to mention my wild off-road jallopy ride in the wilderness where I almost broke some ribs…just got badly bruised – but I survived and had a blast doing it!). We got to see alot of stuff and do alot…yet did nothing really…just totally relaxed, and enjoyed my vacation and my time w/ Gabbie & Matthew (it will probably be my last trip out there like that for some time…)

Anyway, I flew home on Saturday the 19th. I was home for roughly 36hrs (just enough time to unpack my teeshirts and repack sweaters and scarfs…). Then on Monday the 21st, four of us (two of my girlfriends, Justin, and myself) flew back out of the country for an Amazing 12day trip to Holland and Switzerland.

There is really too much to write about the trip on here – But for a quick/brief summary: We were in Holland for 4days. We went to Gouda, Schiopol (saw the North Sea), Waddixveen (for a friend's wedding), Haarlem, and Amsterdam . Then we flew to Switzerland for 6days (that was by far the BEST part of the trip – SO BEAUTIFUL!) We visited Geneva, Zermatt (saw the Matterhorn), Lusaunne, Interlaken, Lucernne, (another town I can’t remember), and Zurich…It was a full, fun, and fantastic trip – from discovering the vast beauty of the Swiss Alps, exploring medievil castles (Le Chateau de Chillon), enjoying the great food (which was REALLY expensive though), having “adventures” with Swiss Fondue (a long story), canceled trains, getting lost, countelss train rides, miles of walking, shopping, tons of picture taking, experiencing the many different cultures w/in one country, and finally capping off the trip by attending an Opera at the Zurich Opera House on the last night…It was GREAT!

So, we all came home tired, happy, and broke… But it was a wonderful trip all around – well worth it – we all had so much fun and created alot of wonderful new memories. But we were all so happy to return to America where you can eat an entire meal for less than $10, get free water, and all the free refills you want… But I certainly miss the Alps, French, and the AMAZING Swiss Chocolate!!