Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Overdue Update...Counting my Blessings...

Wow - I always forget I even have this blog. Oops. I'm sure everyone else does too. :) Just checked on it...haven't updated since '09. That has been waaay too long. My life is for sure WAY different now.

Since then - I got engaged, married the love of my life & best friend, bought a house, & had the most adorable baby girl ever - Olivia Joy! (that is the last year 1/2 in a very short nutshell.) It has certainly been the greatest adventure of my life so far. :)

When we first got married we rented in a little one bedroom farmhouse...however - as soon as we found out we were expecting - we started the house search. After a loooong journey of looking, making offers, etc...we Finally bought a home (excellent $ - but a "fixer-upper" investment)...

From closing - we had 6wks to pretty much get it fixed up/livable - rebuild the back porch, rip out all downstairs carpet, sand & stain/finish the wood floors, completely re-plumb the entire house, completely renovate the upstairs bathroom, & paint the downstairs. My due date was 6 1/2 wks away... Needless to say - we moved into a partially finished house (just the downstairs of a 2-story home) 3 days before my due date. I went 7days past my due date - so that gave me 10 days to try to settle/unpack a bit into the house - although it was a challenge as the entire upstairs was filled w/ boxes and & all of our furniture was squished into the dining room w/ a small pathway into the kitchen. (there really much I could do)

Its a 4-bedroom, 1.5 bath - when we moved in it was into the following rooms: the kitchen (w/no floor), dining room, and 1bedroom (which will eventually be the office but for now is our bedroom/nursery). At the time we had a 1/2 bath downstairs & a shower only upstairs. Since then we have finished the upstairs bathroom, finished/expanded into the living room, painted the foyer, gotten drapes hung, built railings in front & back porches, replaced 1/2 the roof, etc...

I am slowly working on trying to help w/ what I can around taking care of a new baby....Next big project goals (for me) - finish upstairs bedrooms (border removal, paint, pull up carpet, refinish hardwood floors, etc...). My goal it to be able to move the baby into her nursery by her 6mo birthday. It may not seem that big of a deal, but it all takes time... :)

Aside from all the above mentioned stuff - I have the joy of being a stay at home Mommy for my beautiful baby girl! I am so very blessed! She is such a joy to us and we love watching her grow. She is a full time job right there (plus trying to finish a house) - so I keep WAY busy. :)

Olivia is going to be 5mo next week - I can hardly believe how quickly the time goes. She is certainly our bundle of joy! Always so full of smiles, giggles & loves to "talk". She is rarely fussy - except sometimes at bedtime when she is just sooooo tired. She has been sleeping through the night since about 6wks old. I am SO blessed.

She started rolling over on her 4mo birthday. She is always on the go & when she starts to crawl/walk - my hands will be really full. :) She LOVES her cereal too - thinks she's really big stuff. :)

Well, speaking of her - she is hungry & I need to feed her (she's been a little angel sitting in her swing as I type). But she needs me now - so I must go.

Maybe I will update sooner next time. :) I truly am SO VERY blessed - with the best husband/daddy ever (Justin is so good/helpful with Olivia - she LOVES her Daddy). When I sit & count my blessings - I lose count... :)