Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Some Early Autumn Musings...

Well - Olivia is now almost 9mo & we still don't have her moved into her nursery. :) But - we have gotten a lot of stuff done to the house still (it is just a slow moving project)

Since June - we've ripped up all the carpet in the upstairs, gotten the Olivia's room finished painted & decorated, the border torn out of the front room, the front room finished (primed & painted), & completely torn out the downstairs bathroom. We've decided to carpet Olivia's room, the hallway/landing, & stairs - the rest of the floors are in good enough condition we will leave them hardwood - as is.

So, all that's left to finish the upstairs & move in up there & finally be able to spread out: get rid of all the trash (carpet, pads, border, etc...), set-up our walk-in closet & guest area in the front room, carpet Olivia's room, the hallway, landing, & stairs, empty out our bedroom of all the stored furniture & extra boxes, & paint our room. Once all that is finished, then we can move us & Olivia into our bedrooms upstairs & set-up the office/media room downstairs!

My brother is coming home for Christmas & will be staying with us. So we have incentive - we need to have the above mentioned finished by then. (my personal goal it to have done - or a large majority there-of - by Thanksgiving. Because I want to properly decorate my house for Christmas this year) :)

The other projects that also need completed before winter is: Insulate the house, & finish re-roofing the front half of the house. We also need to put in the new 1/2 bath downstairs, install the kitchen floor, & install the extra counter-tops & cupboards in the kitchen! No Sweat - right! :) So, Lord Willing, we will get all of these "little projects" done in time for us to sell & move out of here! :)

So - aside from all the work being done around here - we still managed to have so fun & slip away on a small Family Vacation - one we DESPERATELY needed! :) We went to Disney World for 5 days. It was Olivia's first travel/plane trip/vacation - and she did GREAT! She was a little Angel. It was so wonderful to have a few days to spend it with JUST my Husband & Olivia. Justin has been working so hard lately we've hardly been able to see him. So 5 whole days together - I dont know who was more excited: Myself, Olivia, or Justin! :) We were even able to celebrate our 1yr Anniversary (7mo late) by going on a date to Cirque de Soleil La Nouba & finished of the evening watching the Wishes Fireworks over Cinderella's Castle...(a place where dreams really do come true). :)

Since we got home - Justin had to hit work hard again... As much as I miss him - I am SO proud of him. He has such a strong work ethic & is always doing his absolute best to provide for myself & Olivia. I believe a truly "Spiritual Man of God" follows the most basic principals of God - wherein God called man to be the Head/Leader of the Home & to be the Provider for his family (after-all how can you build any structure without a strong foundation first?) . Justin does just that - always willing to do WHATEVER it takes. I can't begin to say what a wonderful man/husband/daddy he is. I thank God for him every day - for putting him in my life. He truly is a man after God's own heart - always self-sacrificing, putting others first, willing to help others, hard working to provide for his family, loving, considerate, kind, sweet, supportive & always puts a Smile on my face, a Song in my heart, & fills me with Laughter - I am SO blessed! :)

Well, this has gotten to be a long post again & I have ironing & cleaning to get back to... So enjoy this Fall weather & I will continue to try to keep this blog updated. :) God Bless...

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Sharla said...

This makes me so happy! I love it that you appreciate him so much. I appreciate both of you!